Music is M.E. Baird's first true love, however, he has always had a passion for art and specifically drawing from a very young age. Drawing and music offered great refuge for M.E. Baird who was very much  an outsider as a child and teenager.  Even now, M.E. Baird's works are still very much a form of respite and meditation utilising a painstaking Zen like process that can see some larger pieces taking weeks to complete.  


M.E. Baird is also a former academic with a background in Art, Design and Architecture. He has held various teaching and lecturing roles in art, design and creative theory at various art schools and universities in Victoria and New South Wales.   Although no longer lecturing, M.E. Baird does offer a series of workshops exploring the notion of creative thought and the creative processes for the general public.  


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Selected original works (4) available for purchase, below.  Select piece/s (title) and email to enquire.

Works below are available as limited, signed and numbered prints on linen paper 20cm x 20cm. or A4.  $50 (AU)  - Select piece/s (title) and email to enquire.

Works below are available as as limited, signed and numberedprints on linen paper 20cm x 20cm or A4.  $50 (AU) - Select piece/s (title) and email to enquire.

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