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1st Place Winner of the Maritime Art Prize 2023

M.E. Baird takes out 1st place at the Maritime Art Prize, Melbourne with his painting Ghost Boat  #18 The Loner. 


Boats, Ships, Oceans and vast bodies of water have been used in art symbolically for centuries, with many different representations. My initial attraction to boats and the sea came as a child.   more

Ghost Boat #18 'The Loner' 122cm x 122cm.JPG.jpg
Spinning Man.jpg

New mini album and side project entitled Spinning Man

M.E. Baird teams up with long-time collaborator Jamie Trevaskis to create his new narcotic dream experience, Spinning Man.


With Jamie Trevaskis, M.E. Baird has created a most astonishing set of songs and soundscapes comprising this deeply emotive recording.  Six songs were conceived and then captured under extraordinary circumstances in a time of great despair and internal darkness. However, light was incrementally finding its way under the door, with each and every take.  more

Official video release of 1st single and title track 'Spinning Man'

Release of the lead single and title track, 'Spinning Man' from the new album and side project for M.E. Baird & Jamie Trevaskis.


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Official video release of follow-up single from Spinning Man mini album entitled 'Catching Fire'

Release of the follow-up single 'Catching Fire' from new album Spinning Man. 


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