Dear friends, I will be taking time off from live performance and touring to undertake treatment for the reoccurrence of cancer.
I hope to return to live performance in early 2022.  While undergoing treatment and depending on how it goes,  I plan to return to Wild Mountain Sound Studios to begin work on a new album with my good friend, and creative genius Jamie Trevaskis.  The tracks are already written and demos have been recorded, so fingers crossed.  

You may be aware that the Australian music and performing arts industry has been decimated by COVID and ongoing lockdowns.  Unlike sports and the construction industry, the conservative Australian Government sees no need to assist the music and performing arts industry.  There are many performers, musicians, and associated industry folk who are really suffering and may never return to their chosen professions.  If you would like to help you can by purchasing music from artists via Bandcamp, the only platform that gives back 90-100% of royalties to the artist. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and others who only give back on average 0.0003 % to the artist, while making gargantuan profits.   Purchasing merchandise, books, artwork, etc is a great way to help as well.  Love to all, M.E. Baird