★★★★ [Fall] Sydney Morning Herald

M.E. Baird [FALL] (Independent) ★★★★

"Inside the songs of [Fall], M.E. Baird canvasses the kind of territory that leaves little opening for casual optimism. It's not that all is gloom: for a start, in The Lost Son where a breathing bass and small acoustic guitar fill the opening and a tender sound (a violin? a blurred voice?) arrives later to ease the way, he has a wearied character advise, "Don't throw your life away/don't waste time feeling sad" with what might even be conviction – though it could also be resignation masked as insight. That said, if his voice offered sonorous deepness instead of something such as Dylan circa Blood on the Tracks (Full of the Devil in particular) Baird would probably be declared depressing. In any case the slowly developing, intimately held tracks, which are neither folk nor country, but maybe a Leonard Cohen interpretation of both, are meant for the small, dark, alone spaces of your life. "She is the rain," Baird sings at one point and he could be talking about the torrent of bad luck, personal losses and ache accumulated here. That [Fall] never crushes you under that weight is its most telling compliment". - BERNARD ZUEL

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