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2016 - 2019

'TIME' - The songs that are the pirouette of time

M.E. Baird's most current release entitled TIME is a lyrical and sonic journey through age, experience and a testament to the passing of ‘time’. The tracks on TIME  individually explored varied subtexts ranging from belonging, coming of age, corruption, migration, fortune, misfortune, contempt, loneliness and the joy of being alone. The album has received glowing four-star reviews, airplay and global recognition. The album was co-produced, arranged and recorded with producer/musician, Jamie Trevaskis.  Jamie and M.E. Baird had mused for some time about recording a new album together, with Jamie playing a leading and creative role in the co-production of the album.  When recording began it became instantly clear that Jamie, as a collaborator was able to transport the songs sonically into a universe far beyond the ordinary. It was important for the song's narrative to tell Jamie Trevaskis where the song/story needed to go sonically. Where a song needed to be tough, it had to be threatening, where it needed to be honest, it needed to be candid, where there was tenderness, it must be achingly forgiving and where there is ,anger, it’s uncompromising .  It was creatively vital that the album not pander to any genre, audience or expectations, of course, there are some hat-tipping and influences evident; it would be arrogant to pretend otherwise. Both Jamie and M.E. Baird wanted to show that it is an album born of maturity, rigour, determination, and patience. With this album, there was a return to how M.E. Baird made records in the past. All tracks were recorded to analogue tape, predominantly live and with very little overdubs. This was done not for nostalgic reasons but for a more ‘authentic’ audio representation. It also places more emphasis on musicianship rather than software know-how and digital trickery.


Track List:

  1. Time (featuring Sali Bracewell)

  2. My Girl (will you not sleep tonight?)

  3. Girl From Lonely Town

  4. The Love You Feel

  5. Dead Wood

  6. A Better Place

  7. Sorry City Blues

  8. Evening Song

  9. Fighting Crime and Making Love


Link to track lyrics:


All words and music by M.E. Baird

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jamie Trevaskis

Recorded at Wild Mountain Sound Studio, Mt Nebo, QLD, Australia

Mastered by Andy Stuart at The Mill Mixing and Mastering Studio, Gipppsland,. Victoria, Australia.



M.E. Baird (guitars and vocals)

Sali Bracewell (piano, organ beats and vocals)

Hannah Jane (violin and vocals)

Phil Usher (drums)

Robbie Zawada (bass)

Skye Staniford (percussion)

Jamie Trevaskis (feedback guitar and bottles)

Cover Art / Image

'Black Tulip' by Alessandra Leimer 

M.E. Baird Photos by Donatella Parisini


2010 - 2016

'Fall' - A life defining journey through grief, loss and a new beginning

In 2014 M.E. Baird wrote and recorded an eight-track solo album his third long-player, entitled FALL. The album was a deeply personal exploration and his first truly 'solo' album under his own name. However, the album was to represent a period of great loss, grief and mental hardship for M.E. Baird. Leading up to the writing and recording of the album he was to lose his Nephew Jeremy who at eighteen months his junior was like a brother to him and sadly died as the victim of a horrific and brutal murder.  A short time after his mother passed on to early onset Alzheimers and cancer followed by an uncle and aunt who he was very close to and were a constant source of support and inspiration.  More loss was to come when not long after the recording was completed he was to endure the deaths of his Sister and Father in quick succession.  All in all, six family members passing in three years. The impact of the losses and grief, coupled with a lifetime of struggling with depression and anxiety eventually took a toll on M.E. Baird and resulted in him suffering another major breakdown. This meant the release of the album would have to be put on hold, perhaps indefinitely.  In the summer of 2015 seeking a reset M.E. Baird decided with his partner and young daughter to move north to the Byron Bay hinterland, New South Wales.  Shortly after relocating and as an act of renewal and resilience  ‘FALL’ was formally released in August 2016 two years after its recording.  Overall, the album has been recognised as a fine testament to M.E. Baird's skills as a solo musician, songwriter, performer and the enduring commitment he has to his art  However, the album despite being a critical success was considered too dark and melancholy by most in the Australian music industry and therefore didn't get the live airing it deserved.  This was to be another heavy blow to M.E. Baird, making it difficult for him to continue.  However, he was not going to be defeated. In the winter of 2017, he began writing tracks for what would become ’TIME’ his 4th full-length album.


Track List:

  1. Always Tuesday

  2. Angel By The Lake

  3. The Rainmaker

  4. The Lost Son

  5. Full of The Devil

  6. She Had To Go

  7. The Professional

  8. Sertraline Dream


Link to track lyrics:


All words and music by M.E. Baird

Produced by Roger Bergodaz and M.E. Baird

 Recorded and mixed by Roger Bergodaz

Recorded at Tender Trap Studio, Northcote Victoria, Australia

Mastered by Andy Stuart at The Mill Mixing and Mastering Studio, Gipppsland,. Victoria, Australia.



M.E. Baird (guitars and vocals)

Andrew Wrigglesworth (guitars)

Matis Schubert (violin and mandolin)

Roger Bergodaz (drums and bass)

Cover Art / Image

'Fall Carving' by M.E. Baird

M.E. Baird Photo by Melissa Smith


2006 - 2010

'Mysteries of the heart; Vagaries of the mind' - Returning to a true love and a new identity

M.E. Baird eventually returned to Melbourne taking on a part time academic position at Deakin University.  It was during this period that he found his love for music again and made the long awaited return to songwriting.  However, rather than writing under his own name he decided to take on the musical moniker of Lionel Lee, a fictional character that was an amalgamation of the carnival like characters he encountered in remote towns and caravan parks while traversing the continent as a young child and teenager with his family.   Why he did this is still a bit of a mystery to M.E. Baird  but either way this return to music for him was the most important aspect.   As Lionel Lee'  he recorded a solo acoustic six track Ep entitled  Vexed Intentions (2008).  This was followed by the full length and critically acclaimed folk/pop album, 

Mysteries of the heart; Vagaries of the mind  with a full band under the expanded Lionel Lee’s Curse  band moniker.   The album was runner up for best folk album of 2010 by the Entertainment Guide, (EG) The AGE newspaper, Melbourne. However, for imagined and practical reasons the moniker of 'Lionel Lee' was becoming a real life curse. It was clear to M.E. Baird that moving on he would have to emerge from the shadows and no longer hide behind nome de plumes.  He would need to take ownership of the material and begin writing and performing under his own name, all be it just his initials.


Track List:

  1. Revolution Child

  2. Stolen Heart

  3. Beautiful Life

  4. Vexed Intentions

  5. This City

  6. No Where To Be

  7. At Your Feet

  8. Hollow Man

  9. Take Me Home

  10. Fast Love


All words and music by M.E. Baird

Produced by M.E. Baird , Roger Bergodaz and Ken Eveal

Recorded at The Shed, Torquay, Victoria, Australia and Tender Trap Studio, Northcote Victoria, Australia

Mastered by Andy Stuart at The Mill Mixing and Mastering Studio, Gipppsland,. Victoria, Australia.



M.E. Baird (guitars, organ and vocals)

Andrew Wrigglesworth (guitars)

Matis Schubert (violin and mandolin)

Roger Bergodaz (drums)

Red Whyte (drums)

Ken Eveal (bass)

Kate O'Sullivan (bass)

1992 - 1998

'Down on the Black Top' - The early years

M.E. Baird began his music career in Melbourne in the 90s while also studying at RMIT University.  During this initial period, he performed regularly across Melbourne’s inner city venues playing guitar and fronting several band incarnations.  With his main band  Zen For Head, M.E. Baird wrote and recorded his first full length album 'Down On The Black Top’ (1996) under the long since dissolved Blah, Blah, Blah label.   In 1998, feeling disillusioned by the local music industry and suffering severe anxiety with major depressive episodes he decided to disband music and to travel to Europe, the UK and Northern Africa.  He returned to Australia in 2000 settling in Sydney where he embarked on an academic career lecturing at various universities and art schools. 

Track List:

  1. Down on The Black Top

  2. Retribution Day

  3. By The Way

  4. Vicarious Experience

  5. Deaf Ears

  6. Dead Man

  7. Don't Leave My Side

  8. The Boy Who Never Grew


All words and music by M.E. Baird

Produced by Dave McCluney  

Recorded and mixed by Dave McCluney at Atlantis Studios, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Mastered by 'Jim' at Atlantis Studios, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia



M.E. Baird (guitars and vocals)

D. M. Graham (Keys)

Denis Toner (Bass)

Damien Tansing (drums)


Cover Art / Image

'Holden Premier Car' by Peter Braig

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