M.E. Baird is a truly enigmatic songwriter and musician – a description not to be used lightly but in M.E. Baird's case, its use seems to be the most fitting and accurate.  His career began in Melbourne in the early '90s.   During this period, he wrote and performed under a number of band incarnations, touring regularly and building a solid inner-city Melbourne following.  However, in 1998 without announcement, he boarded a plane for Europe effectively vanishing from the Melbourne scene and embarked on a five-year hiatus from music-making to pursue an academic career in design and art.  In 2003, feeling an overwhelming need to play music again, M.E. Baird formed an indie rock trio with drummer Justin Ward and bassist Kate O'Sullivan hitting the scene with a flurry of shows and then crashing and burning in a ceremonial blaze of riffing guitars and crashing cymbals.  In 2008, M.E. Baird would take it a little further and return to writing his own songs again, this time focusing on his true love for dark folk laments.  This time, he decided to write and perform under the musical moniker of 'Lionel Lee' a fictional character that was an amalgamation of the carnival-like knockabouts he encountered in remote towns and caravan parks while traversing the continent as a child. Under the expanded band banner of 'Lionel Lee's Curse,' he released an Ep followed by the critically acclaimed album Mysteries of The Heart; Vagaries of The Mind, (2010). The album was runner-up for the AGE, newspaper Melbourne's best folk/pop album of 2010.  However, just as the mysterious and fictional songwriter, Lionel Lee was gaining industry and commercial attention Lionel was killed off by his maker in favour of M.E. Baird writing and recording under his own name albeit just his initials. Some suggested this as just another limelight side-stepping gesture by M.E. Baird while others considered it commercial suicide – the truth is a far more serpentine story.  


M.E. Baird has overcome countless setbacks, obstacles and battled with many a demon and his latest two albums Fall (2016) and Time (2019) chronicle his extraordinary experiences at the time, including very personal observations on the grubbier and darker side of what is to be human. Stylistically the songs on both albums sway between being candid and direct or dreamlike 'Lynchian’ moments populated with characters, disjointed recollections, and character dialogue.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that his songwriting and live performances over the last decade have been described as possessing a distinct visual richness and depth where each song can be like a cinematic vignette full of elegance, beauty, tragedy, and longing.

'Fall' and 'Time' also constitute the first two albums in a trilogy of single-word titled concept albums. The third and final album is now in early production but yet to be given a title. 

Stay tuned.