M.E. Baird, master of light and shade in song, sound and image.


Deeply emotive, M.E. Baird is driven by emotion. Whether in the carefully crafted lyrics, the music itself or his lamenting singular voice, emotion drips from everywhere, it trickles down walls and pools on the floor. It aches and hurts...and it’s beautiful.’  - Rhythms Magazine


M.E. Baird is indeed a highly respected Australian musician with an impressive body of work in songwriting, music and art with a career spanning more than two decades. Over that time he has performed under various musical monikers and fronted several band incarnations.  In 2014 he disbanded all monikers opting to write, record and perform under his own name all be it just his initials. Over this two-decade period, he has written and recorded five full-length albums.  He has toured extensively and has been fortunate to share the stage with some of Australia’s  most significant and influential songwriters/muscians such as Roland S Howard, Conway Savage, Spender P Jones, Kim Salmon, Chris Wilson and Ed Kuepper.  M.E. Baird has also contributed songs to soundtracks and composed original music for film and screen art projects.

M.E. Baird's music career began as part of the inner Melbourne, folk, rock and grunge scene of the 1990s, while also studying at RMIT University. During this period he wrote and recorded one album and an Ep with his then folk-rock trio Zen For Head as well as performing solo and playing guitar on other peoples recordings. M.E. Baird then disbanded writing and recording in 1999 to travel to Europe, the UK and Northern Africa. He returned to Australia in 2001 settling in Sydney where he pursued an academic career lecturing at various universities and art schools.  In 2006, He eventually returned to his true love of songwriting under the musical moniker of Lionel Lee and Lionel Lee’s Curse  releasing Vexed Intentions (2008) followed by his critically acclaimed folk/pop offering Mysteries of the heart; Vagaries of the mind (2010). 

Born and raised in Frankston, Victoria, M.E. Baird has lived in many places since, each a unique chapter in life and art. He currently calls the historic township of Bangalow in the lush hinterland of Northern New South Wales home. Although Bangalow offers M.E. Baird a place of great solace and a sanctuary for thinking and creating, it is on the road sharing his songs and stories that he is truly in command.

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