M.E. Baird (aka Lionel Lee & Lionel Lee's Curse) is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician, and visual artist.  Originally from Melbourne, he has lived in many places since, each a new chapter in life and art.  For the last decade, he has been based in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales.  


 Beginning his musical career in Melbourne in the early 1990s, M.E. Baird has written and recorded five critically acclaimed solo albums, band recordings, several Eps. He has contributed tracks to soundtracks, composed original soundtracks and created several screen art projects.  He has toured extensively and shared the stage with some of his most admired artists such as Roland S Howard, Spencer P Jones, Ed Kuepper, and Chris Wilson.  More recently and unable to tour and perform live due to COVID and undergoing prostate cancer treatment for the last three years he has been focusing on writing new material and some visual art projects.   


M.E. Baird approaches songwriting and performing with rich skill and artistry honed over nearly three decades of writing and performing and has been credited for having a finely tuned sense of musical language, narrative skills and lyrical intent.  These elegantly crafted songs when delivered with his distinct baritone and plaintive voice can hit the unsuspecting listener right between the eyes, For the listener who is willing to invest more, they will be greatly rewarded.  M.E. Baird is also a visual artist, therefore, there is no surprise nor a coincidence that his songs have often been described as possessing a distinct visual richness and depth where each song can be like a cinematic vignette full of elegance, beauty, and longing.  His latest two solo albums Fall (2016) and Time (2019) chronicle an extraordinary and at times traumatic life that has endured loss, grief, rejection, disappointment, frustration and some minor career successes.   But what lies as the heart of M.E. Baird's artistic expression - via song, music or image is this overwhelming quest for stillness and contentment for a restless soul.